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Fight Against Malaria

Livin' for a Cause
We teamed up with Against Malaria Foundation to help prevent a disease that is wreaking havoc in third world countries. 

Malaria is transmitted by certain mosquitoes when they bite. These mosquitoes bite people to get a blood meal. The malaria parasite then passes from the infected mosquito to the person being bitten.

Why Malaria?
Malaria kills half a million people every year and 400 million fall ill. Before bed nets were made available, it was three or more times that. Nets are a proven intervention - a more effective a way of saving lives than any other. There is still a long way to go and every death from malaria is preventable.

Malaria is also an Economic Issue

Malaria is also an economic issue. Malaria is the single greatest drag on the economy of Africa. Every $1m spent fighting malaria efficiently improves the GDP - the wealth - of the continent of Africa by $12m. Fighting malaria is a very good investment.

Let's Fight Back!

Mosquitos typically bite between 10 o'clock at night and two in the morning - and that's one of the most important things we have on our side: if we can protect people in affected areas when they sleep at night we have a very good chance of preventing them contracting malaria.

The MOST EFFECTIVE means of preventing malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net, specifically a long-lasting insecticide-treated net. So let get nets to EVERYONE who needs them!

For each shirt sold, a mosquito net will be donated to those in need. For every hoodie sold, 2 nets will be donated. On average, each net protects 2 individuals for 3-4 years!